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Tribble Farms

Honey never goes bad, but it is perfectly natural for honey to crystalize over time. There is nothing wrong with this process and it is easy to melt the crystals. Just place the container in a bowl of hot water until the honey liquifies.

Tribble Farms (also known as GA Mountain Honey and  GA Mountain Bee Company) represents four generations of beekeepers and our apiaries are primarily located on our farms in Forsyth, Dawson and Union counties.  These locations are far from users of chemicals and are surrounded by native flora that produces some of the most flavorful and highest quality honey in the world. 

The Forsyth apiary is in view of Sawnee Mountain and produces our Wildflower honey.  This honey has an initial fruity taste from peaches, pear, apple and blueberry, and finishes with the earthy taste of buckwheat.

The Dawson apiary is near Amicalola Falls and provides honey varieties- Amicalola Flora (dark, rich and heavily influenced by native azalea, mountan laurel and rhododendron); Sourwood, a world class favorite that is light color with a delicate and sweet flavor of anise and spice. 

The Union apiary is in Suches, GA surrounded by Cooper Creek Wildlife Management Area and provides our Suches Flora (rich blend of higher elevation mountain flora including wild raspberries); Sourwood, and Mountain Flora (dark, rich, earthy taste with poplar tree nectar and native high elevation flora).